"If not making the world a better place, then why do it?'

Collaborating with longtime partners, our ingredients are sourced from farms that use sustainable and regenerative growing practices.

We are proud to partner with Country View Dairy, a single family dairy farm and creamery in Iowa, that produces farm fresh rBST-free milk from their own well-loved family cows. Their milk is non-homogenized allowing the cream to rise to the top the old-fashioned way and making it easier to digest, creating all natural, creamy and delicious farmstead yogurt. Each flavor is made with the highest quality ingredients and cultures, and each is “all natural” in every way - containing no preservatives, no gelatin or other thickeners, and no artificial ingredients.


We Believe It's Time For Everyone To Feel Satisfied With What They Eat, And The Movements They Support. 
Every Grow Good Foods product we make is a part of a movement to grow the body, mind and community around the world. With our mission in mind to bring high quality food to more people and create positive change in our food culture, we started our microloan program to provide start-up capital to food-based enterprises. 1% of our net profits is contributed to our GROWfund.        
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