Our Story

It only took a few ingredients....

At Grow Good Foods we like to keep things simple. We use only just a few of the best, clean, sustainably sourced nutrient dense ingredients with amazing taste to provide snacks and meals that are good to go and good for you. 

Grow Good Foods grew from a need for our parent company Gourmet Gorilla to include clean, healthy snacks with recognizable ingredients on our menus. Struggling to find any that didn’t have any additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, we decided to make our own to be certain that everything served on our menu meets our quality standards for ingredients, is nutritious, and tastes great. Realizing the need for more accessibility to these types of foods, Gourmet Gorilla recognized an opportunity to make a greater impact beyond the communities we already serve, and the Grow Good Foods brand was born.

Food Service to Retail...

From easy grab n’ go options to bulk food service, we are able to satisfy individual customer needs. All Grow Good Foods items are designed to meet National School Lunch Program and Child and Adult Care Food Program breakfast, lunch, supper and Smart Snack nutritional requirements. Since they are clean label and nutrient dense, they are also a great option for airlines, university, emergency feeding, school athletic, and hospital meal programs. Leveraging years of partnerships with local farms that use sustainable and regenerative growing practices to source our ingredients, you will feel safe knowing where your food comes from and that not only is it good for you, but will feel good about eating it too...knowing that each bite contributes to the betterment of local communities and our environment.

Our Mission is to make good food accessible by providing healthy, great tasting, clean-label snack options and meal components with limited, high quality, traceable, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients in order to contribute to alleviating food insecurity and provide positive impact on local food systems. 


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